Taco Truck Challenge 2019


The Seafair Foundation, the 501(c)(3) charitable partner of the Seafair Festival, was established in 2008 to create and build opportunities for Seafair’s youth education, cultural and community engagement programs. The Foundation programs empower future leaders and connect Greater Puget Sound through unique educational and cultural experiences. The Foundation also believes it is our responsibility to help build better communities and that live events are the lifeblood of our heritage. Please help us continue the tradition excellence that has been in place since 1950.

The breadth of Seafair and the Foundation’s contributions to the Greater Puget Sound Region is truly amazing. From its inception, the Seafair Foundation has welcomed nearly 2,000 qualified students to its scholarship programs and given approximately $600,000 in scholarship funds, given the gift of boating to the intellectually disabled community, sanctioned nearly 100 cultural and community events, and shown a tradition of excellence granted to us by the Seafair Festival. However, corporate sponsorship and fundraising events cover only a part of what the Foundation needs each year to continue offering its outstanding programs. With your help, the gap between the Foundation’s budget line and its actual need can be covered by your gifts.

To learn more about the Seafair Foundation and find out how you can make a difference, seafairfoundation.org.