5 Subtronic Tracks You Can't Wait Till Saturday To Hear

August 12, 2015

Georgia - ‘Digits’ - DOMINO

Georgia’s new album is filthy. There isn’t a single track on it that is anything short of brilliant. It was difficult to choose, so I let my mood decide, knowing that it doesn’t matter because I’ll play them all eventually. Hailing from London, she wrote, performed, and produced this entire album in her home studio over a two year period. Aside from being tasteful, refreshing music in today’s world of overproduced Pop-fodder, let’s hope it’s an inspiration for young women producers to elbow there way in to an industry dominated by men, and demand to be heard. Get your hands on the album and listen to it front to back.



If aliens came to earth to collect samples of music, and the only House track they could get their mitts on was this track, their trip would not have been in vain. It’s solid. And with today’s trendy sounds being over used by aspiring producers who wish to be rock star DJ’s, well, there’s little more refreshing than the timeless sound of good ol’ fashion house music. Dig the sounds of the SF Underground.



Crookers ft Jeremih - ‘I Just Can’t’ (Go Freak Remix) - DIM MAK

So Jeremih is a pop star, and we are not a pop station. Or are we? Lorded charted on the Billboard Hot 100, Vance Joy is touring with Taylor Swift, and I was leary of playing Halsey ‘Ghost’ on Subtronic when it came out. Now I get more requests for her than anybody, and she’s our Discover & Download artist. Cross over is more common than pinning a solid genre on anybody in 2015. And this track with Jeremih is banging! This remix is my joint. You get the effect of the vocal, with out the verse. Jump on this bassline.


Chemical Bros ft Q-Tip - ‘Go’ (Claude Vonstroke Remix) - VIRGIN/EMI/ASTRALWERKS

I’d heard rumors over the last couple years of a new Chemical Brothers album, so I’ve been anticipating something, and it was no surprise when tracks started to surface. What was a surprise, a pleasant one, was to hear Q-Tip from Tribe on a track. And the result is impeccable. Then Claude Vonstroke got his hands on it. The simplest of breakbeats ensues, centering on the vocals with a sample that blasts out in to the Cosmos. This result is large. 


Chemical Bros ft Beck - ‘Wide Open’ - VIRGIN/EMI/ASTRALWERKS

I wasn’t in love with this song until it hit the chorus. There’s some longing in it, some nostalgia. Here you have an example of mature artistry, musicians well on the way to mastering their craft, with no sense of urgency. But what else would you expect? The newest releases from both Chem Bros and Beck are arguably their best work to date, so a collaboration is certain to be nothing short of brilliant.