Chiquita to keep ripening facilities at Gulfport

June 2, 2015
The Chiquita company has announced it would keep its banana ripening business at the state Port at Gulfport, Mississippi, rather than New Orleans.  

New Orleans port president and CEO Gary LaGrangesaid Chiquita's new owners have told the port they are more interested in cargo operations at the port.  

But Gulfport's port's director of external affairs Matt Gresham says the ripening operation will stay in Mississippi for now, according to the website

LaGrange says Chiquita has also had some issues with congestion at the port.  

The state and port had planned to spend $2.6 million on putting structures inside the warehouse that could be used to ripen bananas.  

Chiquita moved its cargo operations to New Orleans last October.

(image credit Dawn Huczek via