Frequency Training

Frequency is here!

August 26, 2015

Please note that the training docs will continue to be updated/refined as we get feedback about using Frequency, so it's recommened to grab the latest from here when you are ready to use it. These are meant to be Quick Start Guides and do not go into detail about every option. If you have feedback or suggestions on the training material, please email

Quick Start Training Guides

My Workbench - This is your dashboard and starting point in Frequency - please read me first!






Uploading Audio -  uploading_audio.docx

Uploading Video - 

Imaging Handling -  Imaging Handling

Known Bugs

These are known bugs that you might encounter and we are aware of them.  No need to report them!

  • 9/2 10pmPT - you may see warning messges about Varnish Cache, etc.. when you add content, you can ignore them and they will be removed by EOD 9/3
  • The Preview "View" is not configured and is an a scheduled item in Sprint D, which closes 10/01. 
  • Uploading an image associcated to an individual audio item for displaying in the RAMP player is still being developed  - estimated delivery date is 9/15
  • WYSWYG Editor can be tricky to work with when uploading mulitiple media files into the body content. this is known issue with the module that the Drupal community is working on. To avoid, this simply place your written text in first, then go back and add your media files (images, audio, video) where you want them placed.


Bugs Confirmed Fixed -

  • (Fixed) Uploading Audio via the Collection Field method is currently not displaying the RAMP audio player on the page - estimated fix date is 8/25.
  • (Fixed) Tags - on Blogs and Articles - the Tags field looks different - we are in the process of reverting that back to the way you see in the training docs. You can still publish without issue, it just will look different on the Admin side. estimate fix date is 9/1.
  • (Fixed) When editing some content types like Articles or Blogs, the AddThis Widget (social sharing) is appearing on the admin screen.  Estimated fix date is 9/1.


If you run into issues - please report them here.