Landrieu urges residents to prepare as hurricane season begins

May 31, 2015
It's that time again...hope for the best and prepare for the worst. The 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season is upon us.

Although we've already had an early named storm, Anna, the season officially starts today.

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu says local officials are the best prepared they've ever been.

"We are ready to deal with whatever comes our way," says the mayor.

"We have learned lessons from the past. I think I can say, without fear of contradiction, that NOAA, FEMA, the city and its regional partners are much better coordinated than we have been in the past."

Landrieu says the city is certainly better prepared than it was in 2005 when Katrina devastated the area. 

"After 14.5 billion dollars, the hurricane structures that we have, the emergency preparedness and preparations the we have have all gotten better. I can say without fear of contradiction that we are far better off than we were ten years ago."

"As we come upon the 10th anniversary of Katrina, the question's always asked...'Are we stronger? Are we more resilient? Are we better?'"

"I can assure you, we are much, much better off today than we were ten years ago," Landrieu says.

But, he says, regardless of the city's infrastructure being in place for the storm's most important that the citizens have a plan.

"This is the most critical part of any storm season," Landrieu says. "No matter when it comes or how it comes, if you don't have a plan to deal with it, everything that we do is going to be much, much more difficult."

"So, as the season begins, make sure that you have everything that you need. You've been through this many, many times before. Again, hope for the best, but plan for the worst."

He's urging everyone to review the city's preparedness checklist available below.

"Come hell or high water...and we've had both," he says, "we need to really get ready to make sure that we are prepared for whatever comes our way."

Click this link for more info... Get prepared. Get ready