'Three Rs' to testify today in Benson case

June 2, 2015
Today, the estranged heirs of New Orleans Saints and Pelicans owners Tom Benson take the stand as they try and convince a judge that Benson can't handle his own affairs. Legal experts say that is a hard thing to prove, because the consequences are so severe.

"It's been called the equivalent of civil death without a tombstone," said Professor Dane Ciolino at Loyola University School of Law. "You are stripped of your ability to care for yourself and your property and that ability is given to another person, a curator."

Tom Benson's daughter Renee and two of his grandchildren, Rita Benson Leblanc and Ryan Leblanc, asked the court for an interdiction after Benson announced that when he dies, he will leave control of his business empire, including the NFL and NBA teams, to his wife of ten years, Gayle Benson.

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