These Local Tattoo Artists Are Doing Some Incredible Charitable Work

My new friend Krystin hollered at us asking if we could do anything to spread the word about an inspiring event celebrating the women recovering from Mastectomy surgery - removing tumors and cells associated with breast cancer. A bunch of dope tattoo artists volunteer their time tattooing the...
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Elle King smashes the notion of "sophomore slump" and is full of an energy that just suggests she's ready to crush AGAIN with her new music. She dances with the notion of being a role model, dishes on that last sweet job she had before going full time musician, and becomes that midwest kid again...

Elle King on Sophomore Slump, Being a Role Model, and Her Sweet Final Job Before Going Full-Time Musician

Congratulations to Elle King whose rocket rise to fame fell squarely on her songwriting and one massive summer hit, "Ex's & Oh's". The song broke out and made huge results for a female fronted rock n roll band - a wonderful common theme for the last several years at alternative music ie Bishop...
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Next Time You're At MoPop, Check Out The Chris Cornell Statue

With the unseasonably beautiful weather, we took a trip over to the Museum of Pop Culture - MoPop - to check out the recently unveiled statue of Chris Cornell. Statues always put me off initially because they never get the face right - eyes are usually impossible. One glance at this piece of poured...
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Jenn Champion

See this artist at 107.7 The End's Deck the Hall Ball Video of Jenn Champion - Time to Regulate - not the video
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Young the Giant

See this artist at 107.7 The End's Deck the Hall Ball Video of Young the Giant: My Body [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
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Death Cab For Cutie

See this artist at 107.7 The End's Deck the Hall Ball Video of Death Cab for Cutie - "Gold Rush" (Official Video) Video of I Will Possess Your Heart (Album Version video)
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Twin Shadow

See this artist at 107.7 The End #SummerCamp Video of Twin Shadow - Saturdays (feat. HAIM) [Official HD Video] Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
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Skating Polly

SUPPORTED BY RAINIER BEER ABOUT There's a difficult to describe, yet timeless quality to certain songs that transcends genre or era. It's something that you can't fake or contrive and it's what lies at the core of Skating Polly's music. The multi-instrumentalist duo of Kelli Mayo and Peyton...
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