Locals Only Artist of the Month, December 2017

December 6, 2017

What do you get when you combine a jazz drummer, a rock and roll bassist, The Edge style guitars, cinematic production, and a sensitive singer songwriter? Lofts.

Lofts is a Chicago raised indie rock quintetwho packed up their things and made Seattle their home. With grooves to move to, lofty reverberated guitars, driving and melodical bass lines, and carefully curated arrangements and lyrics the band invades and leaves listeners yearning for that next build or wall of sound. Each song is carefully curated, and constantly debated, until the band feels like itʼs created something that an audience can live in. They thrive on creating an environment that gives the listener room to walk around, all while feeding them lyrics to ponder, in an attempt to evoke empathy for the subject of the song. The band climbs to high energy levels and drops to thoughtful andante tempos with ease, and alternates similarly with dynamics.

The groupʼs debut to-the-walls single - "Minefield Brainwaves" - smashes together band influences like MuteMath with Foals and the thoughtfulness of Death Cab for Cutie. The lyric is evocative, and the music behind it pushes the message with a sense of urgency that canʼt help but grip the listener.


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Locals Only Podcast Episode 3: Lofts - "Minefield Brainwaves"