Beastmode: Which Commercial Is Best?

It depends on what you're looking for...

September 30, 2015

For those of us that have lived outside the Seattle area - and I'm not talking about watching Seattle stations in Vancouver BC or Eastern Washington - for those of us that have lived somewhere like Tucson, Arizona where there are no major sports teams, you know how awesome it is when big name athletes get their own commercials on TV and radio. Sure, the Mariners run their rad tv campaign every year, and I eagerly await their silly sketches in the dark period between football and ANYTHING ELSE, but I'm talking about paid endorsements.

Jay Buhner is always talking about trucks, trucks, and more trucks, Russell Wilson is busy coaching airline crews for Alaska Airlines, and my personal favorite - BeastMode.

I get the feeling that this dude's hatred for interviews and anything press related actually sends the wrong message. Based on his choices for local businesses with way less budget than a major nationwide brand that he's actually having fun making some of these. They're all cool in their own way, but let me know which of these ads is your favorite!

Here's where it all started for Marshawn Lynch (unless I'm missing something). He bustin through lines alright:

OFFICIAL Marshawn Lynch Beacon Plumbing Ad

This one has the best local ad feel to all of them - they didn't skimp on effects either! This is the type of thing that endears a local business, likely with a much smaller budget, to a community via the celebrity of this local sports hero! Now, the opposite. Pepsi shelled out some cash to get Beastmode into a spot while also making fun of his unwillingness to talk to the press. This is brilliant:

Pepsi’s Unlikely Spokesperson Marshawn Lynch | Pepsi

That must have been a long shoot to get all that talking timed out correctly. Was this a composite where the woman speaking could do it later as many times as it took? That was fun. Now for the newest spot that I saw for the first time this week. It's another play off of Marshawn not wanting to talk to the press. He's really figured out how to make a living out of being troll-y! Again, we return to a local business and local actors including my pal and hilarious comedian, Brian Moote, at a Lynch press conference:

Seattle running back, Marshawn Lynch, shares the exclusive on what's bugging him

I love all of these. Which is your favorite though?