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Super Mario

Sealed Super Mario Bros Game Fetches Some Serious Cash

There's a new record for highest-selling video game of all time as Super Mario Bros. sold for $114,000 at Heritage Auctions' Comics & Comic Art event on July 10th. For about the cost of an entry level Amazon employee's yearly salary, Jeff Bezos could have won the auction for the old school NES... Read More
Discover & Download - Little Hurt

Discover & Download - Little Hurt

Truthfully, the story starts at some dusty Kansas City sandlot during the nineties … On this baseball diamond, everybody referred to Colin Dieden as “Little Hurt,” nodding to the day’s top designated hitter Frank “The Big Hurt” Thomas. The singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist had all but... Read More

I Could Take Photos Of Ladybugs All Day

Summertime lockdown suuuuuucks, but there are simple ways we entertain ourselves. I do hobby photography and as a new homeowner am still interested in learning to garden and work in the yard. Last year, after noticing some holes in my garden leaves, I went and scored a bucket of ladybugs. This year... Read More

Locals Only Playlist: July 5th

Gabriel Teodros – Lemonade (dropbox) The Lights – I’m A Dangerous Snake Sleater-Kinney – Can I Go On Hey Marseilles – We Are Here Black Ends – Stay Evil Smokey Brights – I Love You But Damn Naked Giants – Take A Chance Real Don Music – Emeralds and Angels Beverly Crusher – Gimme The Power Tomo... Read More
Naked Giants

Locals Only Artist of the Month: Naked Giants

We received some very good news recently when Seattle band Naked Giants announced the release of their upcoming album. The new release titled The Shadow will be the second full length from Naked Giants and is scheduled for release on August 21st. The announcement of the new album was accompanied by... Read More

Weird Al offers up his Hamilton Polka

Like almost everybody on my social feed, I watched Hamilton on Disney + last Friday. I had never seen the musical and actually knew very little about it other than it was hugely popular and it was about Alexander Hamilton. I have to tell you, it was really great! I didn't expect the music to be so... Read More
Mt Rainier

Quick Photo Trip Up To Mt. Rainier and Paradise

Last week's stay-cation included a quick two night stint to Mt Rainier for some hiking, campfires, and fresh air. I can't recommend it enough that with all the negativity bombarding us on the internet all day, a little outside time is hugely beneficial. We drove the Paradise Valley Road up to... Read More

Discover & Download - Blindlove

Blindlove is the fresh new alt-rock band hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah. With huge sailing and catchy choruses, lead singer/songwriter Brogan Kelby blends his style with the band's love of early 2000’s punk rock, 80’s alternative rock and new wave to create the driving force behind their take on... Read More