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Alternative Christmas Playlist

Tis the season to rock out to some great holiday tunes, Alternative style! Below you will find a bunch of my personal favorite Alt Rock holiday jams and some oldies that should be on every holiday playlist. Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Read More

Newly unearthed video of Nirvana in 1991

Nirvana is one band I never got to see live! After seeing this clip, I see I really missed out! Check out this newly unearthed clip of Nirvana playing a small club in Boston called Axis (somewhere Stabbing Westward played a bunch) on September 23rd, 1991!! The place is packed and the energy is... Read More

The perfect song to enjoy a Belvedere Toddy!

The weather is definitely starting to feel more winter-like. Perfect time to light a fire in the fireplace and kick back with a tasty Belvedere Toddy!! But what tunes are you going to fire up? I would suggest "Dissolve" from Absofacto! You will melt along side a hot Belvedere Toddy ! Check out all... Read More
The Regrettes backstage at Deck The Hall Ball

WATCH: Backstage Interviews at Deck The Hall Ball

Supported by Hey party peoples still recovering from an incredible time at Deck The Hall Ball ! Get to know the bands that gave us an amazing night; check out our backstage interviews any time you'd like!: The 1975 - Matty Healy sits down with wALT to discuss all things music The... Read More

Chris Cornell's Widow Takes Soundgarden to Court

Vicky Cornell, the widow of Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell, is taking the band to court in Florida. According to TMZ : "Vicky Cornell filed legal docs, claiming the remaining members of Soundgarden are withholding hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties owed to her and Chris' minor... Read More
photo by: Julian-Burgueno

Discover & Download - Goody Grace

Goody Grace has certainly come a long way from the tiny Manitoba town of Selkirk [pop. 8,000]. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2014 at just 17, the singer, songwriter, and producer went from couch surfing to headlining sold out gigs and averaging 439K monthly listeners on Spotify by January 2018... Read More
Locals Only

Locals Only Playlist: December 1st

We didnt have a guest on Locals Only this week so it seemed like a good time to recap some of the best local music released this year. Stuff from artists like Cataldo, Antonioni, Travis Thompson, Great Grandpa and more. Here is the full playliste from Sunday night: Cataldo - White Lighter Sleater... Read More

The collaboration you've been waiting for!

Did they pick names out of three different hats? How does someone at the record label get Sting, Shaed and Steve Aoki on the same song? These are the mysteries that keep me up at night! Check out the video for "2 In A Million". What do you think of this? -wALT Read More

Science: Washington State is the Best State!

We're number one! Congrats to all of Washington state, when ranked by US News and World Report using 71 metrics, the Evergreen State took the top spot! And not just the cool part by the water, it includes Eastern Washington, too! Tusken Raider Emote Good for you! I've only been to three of the top... Read More