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An iguana

In Case You Thought Florida Wasn't Weird Enough

As if Florida couldn't get any weirder, the temperatures drop and suddenly it's raining dinosaurs... iguanas to be more specific: Jan 21 - This isn't something we usually forecast, but don't be surprised if you see Iguanas falling from the trees tonight as lows drop into the 30s and 40s. Brrrr! #... Read More

I Built the LEGO Dinosaur Fossils Set

Ideas is an area for LEGO where users build their own creations, submit the idea, and should they collect enough community votes, present their idea to the people who decide what gets built and what gets you a pat on the head. In the case of Dinosaur Fossils, someone figured out how to take my... Read More

What state does Washington hate the most?

Which is your least favorite state? Amateur researcher Matt Shirley did an unscientific yet fascinating poll on Instagram posing that question to 320,000 people. He took the results and created a very colorful map. Thanks to everyone who voted. Tag someone from an enemy state. A post shared by Matt... Read More
Taylor Janzen

Discover & Download - Taylor Janzen

Taylor Janzen returns with new single “What I Do” produced by Luke Niccoli (Miya Folick, Joji),mixed by Neal Avron (Brandi Carlile, Bleachers, Twenty One Pilots), and mastered by Joe LaPorta (David Bowie, Of Monsters & Men, Leon Bridges). "What I Do…" is a song I wrote about being in a serious... Read More
Snowy Snohomish Barn

Washington is Beautiful: Snow storms!

I live north of Seattle above the weather shadow in the convergence zone between microclimates. When it snows, we get dumped on. It's pretty cool unless you're my back after shoveling heavy-ass snow all the time. Anyway, Washington is even more beautiful with a generous dusting of winter snow..... Read More

The Best Way to Celebrate National Pizza Week in Seattle

Supported by One of our favorite holidays has turned into a whole week of celebration! It's officially National Pizza Week and there are so many great pizza spots in Seattle to try! Whether you're into that thin crust, deep dish, traditional Italian style crust or sicilian slices,... Read More
Not THAT kind of chicken

Here's what Marshawn's "chicken" is all about

Marshawn Lynch may have played his last game for the Seahawks (again) and possibly his last professional football game ever, but when asked about his future, he instead dropped these pearls of wisdom for his fellow footballers: . @MoneyLynch shares his thoughts following #SEAvsGB . Read More
This isn't Diego the Giant Tortoise, but they're almost certainly related...

This Giant Tortoise Humped His Species to Safety

His name is Diego and his commitment to tortoise sex saved his species. Diego is a giant tortoise who left his cushy home at the San Diego Zoo for a life on one of the Galapagos Islands ( more ). When he arrived in the mid-1960s there were only about a dozen giant tortoises remaining. Luckily,... Read More

Discover & Download - Grouplove

Fueled by pounding keys, squalling guitar lines, and lightning-fast drumming, “Deleter” marks an unapologetically relentless new song from Grouplove . Recorded at El Paso, TX’s famed Sonic Ranch with producer Dave Sitek (TV On The Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Weezer), the track heralds the Los Angeles-... Read More
Great Grandpa

Locals Only Playlist: January 5th with Great Grandpa

Sunday night I was joined by our new Locals Only Artist Of The Month of January, Seattle band Great Grandpa. I've been wanting to get Great Grandpa in studio for Locals Only since their fantastic album Four Of Arrows was released back in October so this was a real treat. We spent the hour talking... Read More