10 tweets about Seattle traffic that are way too real

January 26, 2017

How bad is Seattle traffic? These people sum it up pretty well in 140 characters or less (x10)...

What to do when you have to pee in traffic is one of life's unsolved mysteries and it is never more apparent than in Seattle

When you read this tweet while you're sitting in bumber-to-bumper traffic on Mercer thinking (screaming) to yourself, "OK MARCY WE GET IT!"

When the song you're listening to is a little too on the nose to enjoy.

When you see the front of a nine-mile backup was because some jibroni rear-ended some other jibroni and they didn't pull over.

At least traffic can be good for something.

Alternative Facts are just lies.

When I-5 is clear at 9 a.m. and it makes you question if the rapture happened overnight.

If you live in Seattle and drive stick, you can skip leg day.

When your serious life choices depend on whether or not Seattle traffic is bad. 

Oh, and when rain (in a rainy city) is a major traffic event.

Tweet at The End