Here's Why You Need to See MØ Next Time She Plays Seattle

Written by Mehlika Eski

February 4, 2019

Photo by Leslie Dylan


MØ Brings 'Forever Neverland' to Showbox SoDo For an Energetic Evening

Danish singer-songwriter Karen Marie Aagaard Ørsted Andersen, known professionally as MØ (pronounced “mu”), played an extremely lively show last Tuesday while touring for her latest album, Forever Neverland, released in October of last year.

Photo by Leslie Dylan

I’ve been a fan of MØ for a while now, ever since I heard Kamikaze a few years back, but I’ve never had the chance to see her live before. So, to start, let me just say one thing: yes, she absolutely sounds as good live as she does in a recording.

When she walked out on stage, MØ was in all black and wearing this HUGE black sun hat – which definitely made a statement – and with a single spotlight shining on her, she began to sing Purple Like The Summer Rain – and my jaw dropped. It’s one thing to hear MØ’s voice through a set of speakers, but being able to physically see and hear her sing live was a game changer; it was, in a way, an ethereal experience, and I continued to be in awe for the rest of the show.

Photo by Leslie Dylan

One thing is absolutely sure about MØ: she does not like to be still. She was constantly in motion, and it’s obvious that she loves to dance and enjoys freedom of expression through movement. She was incredibly animated and very dramatic and her energy was addictive; it was impossible to not dance along with her. There was a box for her to step down onto in order to get to the crowd, and she utilized it multiple times during the show, the first time being while she sang I Want You, a very dance-y song from Forever Neverland, and she came down to the front and actually grabbed my hand (and yes, I did have a bit of one of those moments there. You know the kind).

She sang Kamikaze after that, and I could tell that the rest of the crowd and I were all collectively losing our minds. If you haven’t heard the song, I highly suggest listening to it and then imagining hearing it live, because is it truly an experience. After a couple more songs, MØ came down to the crowd for Red Wine, another song from her latest album, but this time, she actually came into the audience and walked through the mass of people, singing the whole time. There was a smaller stage back towards the bar, and there she sang another song before making her way back through the crowd to the mainstage again. I’ve seen artists come onto the floor and walk around and interact with fans a bit, but never in this fashion – being completely surrounded by fans with only a single security guard in tow – and it was wild.

Photo by Leslie Dylan

After a couple more songs, MØ sang her hit-single Nights With You, which was very obviously a fan favorite due to the sheer volume of the crowd’s singing. She also sang Blur, (the song she worked on with Mark from Foster The People and the one you hear 107.7 The End bumping daily) which started out with a spotlight of the moon projected on the backdrop and ended with her ripping up the backdrop to pieces, something else that I had never seen another artist do but thought was incredibly cool. For her song Mercy, MØ sat down and played piano while a single spotlight shined on her, creating a rather beautiful moment for an equally beautiful song.

The last song of her full set was Lean On, a chart-topping song by Major Lazer and DJ Snake that featured vocals by MØ, and I don’t think that there was a single person in that audience who was still during this song. Hearing it live was electrifying, to say the least. Following that same energy, the crowd roared for an encore, and, of course, we received one, consisting of three songs: West Hollywood, a personal favorite of mine from Forever Neverland; Don’t Leave, another song MØ had done with DJ Snake; and Final Song, which seemed like the obvious song choice to end the night with. During that song, she came down to the crowd once more but this time stood on the barricade and fell backwards, allowing her fans to catch and hold her up while she finished singing. She retreated to the stage once more, where she took a bow with her band before heading off stage.

Photo by Leslie Dylan

I wasn’t sure what to expect at this show, but I can proudly say that I was pleasantly surprised. The energy that MØ emits is contagious, and I could still feel the buzz of the show the next day. She is a phenomenal and captivating performer, and one thing that I’m absolutely sure of is that I will never miss another one of her shows, because, yes, it was that good.


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