COIN Rocked a Packed House at The Showbox Over the Weekend

By: Leslie Dylan

February 25, 2019

Photo by Leslie Dylan


So, what does one do on a Saturday night in Seattle during the winter? Head downtown to get in line for COIN, of course! I wasn’t sure what to expect other than a sold-out show at The Showbox, but I knew it would be good.

Boy was that an understatement…

Photo by Leslie Dylan

The crowd was ready to go when COIN took to the stage, thanks to supporting act, Tessa Violet for revving up the crowd. Her dancing, killer playing, and real talk about mental health made it an already unforgettable night. She was accompanied by Nick on bass and Jess on the drums. Tessa set the mood and it was a fantastic walk up for COIN!

It’s been a year since the trio was last here in Seattle and a lot has changed. One notable difference was Matt Martin stepping in on bass due to Zack Dykes exiting last year to focus on production and engineering for other artists. The guys signed with Columbia, and are now headlining their own tour.

Photo by Leslie Dylan

They played familiar favorites and peppered in new music throughout the set. It's safe to say that COIN is growing in diversity with the music and writing. They have strong lyrics and emotional draw amidst with sounds of pop. Growing Pains may not be just the name of a song for these guys.

Every song was tightly played with precision and you could feel the passion emerging from their side of the stage. They won over The Showbox with their energy and melted our ears off with their stage antics and vocal talent. I loved it when they would come together to jam midway through a song; Ryan kept perfect time on drums and Joe shredded on guitar. The lights and choreographed blackouts pulled out the emotion of the songs and added a layer of texture to their performance that most bands don’t get well into their careers. Production was on point for this show!

Photo by Leslie Dylan

Lead singer, Chase Lawrence could not be contained to the stage and when he wasn’t running or jumping around he would be on the barricade in a sea of cell phones or wall of hands reaching towards him. Sorry Showbox, but your stage is not big enough for Chase’s energy and presence! The crowd fed off their energy and in return, we got Chase jumping off the drum kit at various points throughout the night! The band’s hit, Run was even better live than on their album. The crowd and the band singing in unison left an impression! Thoughts of summer road trips, singing at the top of your lungs with your best friends with the car windows rolled down washed over me.

Photo by Leslie Dylan

They'll be joining some of our favorites, Young the Giant on their headlining tour along with Fitz & The Tantrums this Spring and Summer!

It was clear that Seattle is a favorite city for the guys when Chase uttered the words "Seattle for life." 

COIN has the ability to bring a crowded room together to give you that initmate concert feel. All steam forward for a group that started out in a dorm room in Nashville, TN. One thing is for sure, watch for COIN’s next album!


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