Discover & Download - The Federal Empire

September 9, 2019

THE FEDERAL EMPIRE formed when Chad Wolf (former frontman of multi-platinum–selling band Carolina Liar), and Grammy nominated songwriter, McKay Stevens, were hired to write songs for other bands and decided the pairing was too magical not to keep some for their own project.
"Honestly it was never intended to be a band. We started this as just writers looking to send some songs out for cuts. I was finishing a third Carolina Liar record Mckay had just settled into staying in Los Angeles as a writer from a Grammy nom. So we had no idea that this was the path three years ago. We did send the songs out the responses were good the mixes we first got weren’t what we thought the songs were . We realized the songs meant something more to us than just “cuts” so we came up with the name the Federal because we were doing these huge gang vocal arrangements and there is a definition of Federal that refers to the meaning as a public place where many voices can come  together to form one. To us that was everything we were doing and if this was going to be a band our intention was to bring people like us together and laugh about our lives." - Chad Wolf

When asked about the concept of this song, Chad commented, "When we started this project the third writer Keith came to a session and started talking about how his ex was just burning him with one insult after another and the only thing he could come up with saying to her was “Well I never like any of your friends” and that was it. We went full ham at that point. We all had stories of some relationship where hanging out with our partners friends was the absolute worst way to spend time. Funny thing we had all just broken up with some one or were in the no way to salvage mode phase of the break ups so this song couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for us."