Discover & Download - Powfu

March 30, 2020

Bursting out of the lo-fi hip-hop scene is up and coming artist Powfu, a 20 year old who started recording in the basement of his parents’ home. Raised in Fraser Valley, BC, Canada he started releasing music on Soundcloud while still in high school.

He would steal his dad’s mic and ended up purchasing himself a laptop as recording quickly became his favorite hobby. After finalizing his image and sound, his numbers started rapidly increasing gaining millions of streams over multiple platforms. He has collaborated with many artists on the rise such as Rxseboy, Guardin, and Snow. His genre can vary from chill-lo-fi to hype-punk as he finds inspiration through older punk-rock bands as well as newer hip-hop artists such as G-Eazy and Madeintyo. Powfu plans to make music for the rest of his life in order to inspire the lives of many people.