2015 Capitol Hill Block Party!

July 27, 2015

The only thig more diverse than the lineup at the Capitol Hill Block Party this year was the weather. The intermittent dumping of rain didn't seem to dampen the spirits of the crowd however. While I cowered under shelter like a frightened animal protecting my camera equipment; thousands danced, splashed and sang through the showers. With 95 bands booked to perform there was something for everyone. The CHBP lineup was as strong as I can remember and everyone seemed to have a great time.

Check out the photos and a couple of videos below...

-Mat Hayward
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Jamie XX

Built To Spill

TV On The Radio

Not only does he give water to those in need, he helps protect you from water when necessary! If you are in the front row at the Showbox for a show and see Paul doing his thing you should really give him a high 5. He is one of the good guys for sure!

Flatbush Zombies was the most entertaining band I saw over the weekend!

The most dedicated flower vendor I have ever seen working his way through a Flatbush Zombies crowd!

At the start of the Flatbush Zombies set there were some technical problems with a mic. The show was delayed as a result but the end time remained the same. The group didn't seem to think that was fair so they kept saying "10 more minutes!" and played on until the music was turned off. The festival played 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' as the crew started to try to tear down the stage. It didn't work out so well.

This guy didn't care that the show went long. I don't think he cared about the girl under him that he was crushing either :)

So they killed the Nirvana tune but kept their mics hot. Into the crowd they went. Flatbush Zombies definitely wasn't boring!

It was a tough act to follow but Father John Misty was up to the task.

Gone was the "No Photography" sign from being prominently displayed on stage (though he does have a tee shirt featuring the message available for sale). Instead Father John Misty seemed to embrace the inevitability that more people in the crowd would be watching him perform through the back of their phone instead of directly with their eyes. Not only did he accept this ridiculous obsession we as a society seem to have with our camera phones, he even went so far as to take a phone from a fan to record the show for him. What a pal. He did call one guy out for waving a hand in the air to the rhythm of (the ad libbed) 'Bored In The USA' while looking down and doing something with his phone. Seriously? Lets make a rule Seattle. If you are in the front...I don't know; 3 rows, how about you stay off your effing phone! Facebook can't be that important can it?

Here is a video of Father John Misty performing 'The Ideal Husband' which is featured on his amazing album 'I Love You Honeybear'

Welcome to the jungle.

Ratatat closed out the main stage in a big way!