21 Pilots Surprise EndSession 06.05.15

June 6, 2015

Ten fans won the opportunity to visit the 107.7 The End studio with a guest to interview the band Twenty One Pilots via Skype on Friday evening. They were clearly excited for the opportunity to talk to the band directly through the computer. Lots of nervous laughter and some random excited screams f illed the room as the small group filed in. Everyone took their seats and there in front of them on the screen was singer Tyler Joseph. The first question asked..."How are you?" followed shortly by another more pointed question "Where is Josh?" Tyler informed the group that Josh was in fact "grounded" and couldn't make it. You could see some disappointment shuffle across their faces but they were still excited. Soon after, a horrible sound came across the speaker and we lost audio entirely. Serious concern started to spread amongst the group as things were definitely not going as was planned.

GregR stepped up and let everyone know that we would do everything we could to get it sorted as quickly as possible. He told the group that The End had just that day hired a new intern that was supposed to be an expert in these matters. Out walked "DJ Spooky Jim" to fix the problem. DJ Spooky Jim let everyone know that he had an engineering background and should be able to fix it. After taking a look at the connections he came to the realization that it would be much simpler to avoid the network entirely and to bring out Tyler to talk to them in person.

Angst turned to excitement and pure joy! Tears started streaming, shouts of "Oh My Gosh!" and everyone seemed to be uncontollably bouncing in their seats. Tyler sat on a stool and proceeded to play a few songs for the shocked crowd. In between songs to the dismay of GregR, his new intern overstepped the bounds of his responsibility and started to interview Tyler. Most of the questions he read were from an anonymous source online asking questions about how great the noticably missing and reportedly grounded 21 Pilots drummer Josh Dun was. Tyler was gracious in his answers but a bit dismayed that so much attention was being put on the missing drummer.

After 3 songs it became obvious to GregR that things weren't working out with the new intern so right then and there he fired him. Tyler admitted that Josh was grounded for life so there was an opening in the band for a drummer. DJ Spooky Jim thought that would be pretty cool so he took the position and a new partnership was formed.

Then came the really big reveal! It turned out that DJ Spooky Jim was in fact Josh Dun all along! Wow did everyone feel dumb.

This was truly one of the best EndSession experiences I've witnessed. Not only are 21 Pilots extraordinarily talented with awesome music and one of the best stage presences I've seen since Cage The Elephant they are two of the most authenticly nice guys you'll ever meet in rock and roll!

21 Pilots returns to Seattle on October 22 at the Paramount Theatre. Tickets are on sale now and you should buy some!

Mat Hayward
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DJ Spooky Jim to the rescue!