50 Things To Love About Seattle (10-1)

May 31, 2017

Seattle is great, and if you already live here, you already know that. 

Sure, the business and tech boom might be making you second-guess the city's greatness from time-to-time, the music, culture, people, and location just make you fall right back in love. What exactly is it that makes us love Seattle so much, though? 

We're counting down the 50 things that make our city special, starting with 50, all the way down to the number one thing we love. 

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10. Our Unique neighborhoods
Seattle is broken up into a ton of smaller neighborhoods, each with their own unique flavor. There's even a song by Blue Scholars where the lyrics are just neighborhoods and old Sonics players. Depending on your mood, there's a neighborhood for everything.

What does $2,000 rent get you in 10 different Seattle neighborhoods?

9. March to the Match
Everybody and their mom knows about the 12th man, but the March to the Match, a tradition for Sounders supporters, is unlike anything else in the U.S. Hundreds of people gather in Pioneer Square for pints and food before closing down Occidental all the way to the stadium, chanting, singing, and lighting smoke the whole way down. It’s an amazing experience.


8. When the sun FINALLY comes out
It doesn’t happen often, but after months of darkness, when the sun breaks through the clouds, 40 degrees starts to feel like 70 and people start to wear shorts and tank tops. Put your shirt back on you dummy, it’s only April.

7. The Seattle Main Library is the gd coolest.
I mean, just look at it. Libraries are supposed to be stuffy and boring, but Seattle's Central Library is straight up showing off. Not only is it pretty, but you can learn stuff in there. Brains and beauty. 


6. Alki
During a warm day, you can walk the dog, relax on the beach, kayak, or watch the ferries traverse the Puget Sound. At night, the bonfires that pepper the beach are a great place to catch up with friends.

5. Dick's
It’s the big orange sign that every post-game or beer-filled or lazy-Sunday belly wants to see. It’s hard to beat two Dick’s Deluxe with fries and a chocolate shake when you’re wanting a cheap and fast bite of Seattle. And it's definitely better than In-N-Out.

4. Cinerama
Huge, reserved seats. Local beer, wine, and cider. If you haven’t already seen a movie at Cinerama, you’re missing out. On top of featuring tons of local snacks and drinks, they have rotating displays of cinema costume and items in the lobby. As far as movies go, the single-screen 54-year-old theater has a constantly changing selection of new releases and film festivals that you can reserve seats for well in advance.

3. Bumbershoot

You don't have to go very far to catch live music in Seattle, but when the city's biggest music festival Bumbershoot rolls around, all the tunes can be found in Seattle Center. Bumbershoot brings some of the biggest bands to the city for a weekend of outdoor (and indoor) music in the shadow of the Space Needle, while also giving emerging bands a chance to play in the music hotbed that is our city. This is a must-attend event every year in Seattle.


2. Pike Place Market
Farmer’s markets are cool, but our farmer’s market has seafood flying through the air, so many fresh flowers, awesome chowder, Piroshky Piroshky, creative vendors, a wall covered in gum…wait, that last one is kind of gross actually. 

Photo by Alyssa

1. The Music
The music history and the current scene in Seattle are unparalleled. Not only does the city pump out greats, but it provides a place for artists to seclude themselves, write, record, seclude themselves and produce jams that redefine the scene, and not just grunge. The local scene is still on fire with homegrown bands getting national acclaim every day. (Now only if we would dance at shows).