50 Things To Love About Seattle (20-11)

May 23, 2017

Seattle is great, and if you already live here, you already know that. 

Sure, the business and tech boom might be making you second-guess the city's greatness from time-to-time, the music, culture, people, and location just make you fall right back in love. What exactly is it that makes us love Seattle so much, though? 

We're counting down the 50 things that make our city special, starting with 50, all the way down to the number one thing we love. 

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20. Our Legends
D.B. Cooper. Eddie Vedder. Jimi Hendrix. Bruce Lee. Ken Griffey Jr.. Chris Cornell. Richard Sherman. Zach Scott. Kurt Cobain. Layne Stanley. Sasquatch. Bill Gates. Gary Payton. Quincy Jones. Amanda Knox. Man In Tree. Duff McKagan. Sir Mix-A-Lot. Nate Robinson. Rainn Wilson. Ann and Nancy Wilson, among countless others.

For better or worse, each of these people and countless others came to define Seattle at one point, each in their own way and we love (or love-hate) each of them for it.

Courtesy of Hot Tub Boats

19. Hot Tub Boats
Sitting in a hot tub while also sitting in a boat might sound like a thing you thought of while stoned on your couch playing NBA 2K13 in college, but now they’re a real thing and you get to drive them around Lake Union. It’s incredible, luxurious, stupid, amazing, and relaxing all at the same time.

18. Din Tai Fung
Some things are worth waiting for. DTF’s XiaoLongBao is one of those things. Filled with soup and meat, these little dumplings are pillows of perfection. Don’t forget your veggies - the green beans are crunchy and garlicky. And for more dumpling delight, try the wontons with spicy sauce. No soup filling, just all meaty, doughy goodness. Eat and repeat.

17. Summer sunsets over the Sound
It’s hard to say if there’s a best time and view in Seattle, but there’s nothing quite like sitting at Alki, Golden Gardens, or Discovery Park watching the bright yellow sun turn a deep orange as it sets over the Olympics. Grab a Rainier, start a bonfire, and soak it up because we only get like, six days of sun every year to enjoy.

16. Woodland Park Zoo
Smack in the middle of Phinney, Fremont, and Greenlake are a bunch of wild, exotic animals in a beautiful, fun, and thoughtful zoo. They have live feeds of some of the bears, bats, and Tigers that you can watch if you’re stuck at work during the day and need the animal therapy. And yes, one of their giraffes is about to have a baby. 

15. The Breweries
We already mentioned Rainier as the Seattle OG, but our city is also home to more than 100 breweries who specialize in their craft, making a ton of IPAs (West Coast, duh), reds, nitro stouts, and any other type of beer you might be able to shake your lager-soaked stick at.

14. Cool music venues
If you’re in to big international touring bands in arenas or small bands making everyone sweaty in old laundromats, Seattle has some of the best places to catch your favorite band live. Chop Suey, The Croc, Key Arena, The Showbox, Neumos, The Neptune, The Paramount, The High Dive,The Moore, all of these locations hold their own unique charms that make seeing a show in Seattle a unique experience no matter where you are listening.


13. MoPOP (Museum of Pop Culture)
Once the EMP, the big mess of a building under the Space Needle confuses almost everybody from the outside, but  it’s what you find inside that makes it amazing. They have limited-run artifacts from your favorite classic TV shows and exclusive items and exhibits highlighting music and arts from the Northwest. There’s always something new to check out in the halls of MoPOP.

Seattle Sounders FC Pride March
by Gregr

12. Pride
Seattle has an unspoken, yet spoken rule of being kind to one another. We take pride in our open-mindedness and acceptance of others. We even have multicolored crosswalks on Cap Hill to prove it. Being a bully will get you thrown out of a bar here. Word.

11. Seattle Dogs
Cream cheese on a hot dog is only one of the many unique delicacies that makes Seattle cuisine so unique. You won’t find anything more satisfying on a walk to an Ms game or after a night dancing on Capitol Hill.

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