50 Things To Love About Seattle (30-21)

May 10, 2017

Seattle is great, and if you already live here, you already know that. 

Sure, the business and tech boom might be making you second-guess the city's greatness from time-to-time, the music, culture, people, and location just make you fall right back in love. What exactly is it that makes us love Seattle so much, though? 

We're counting down the 50 things that make our city special, starting with 50, all the way down to the number one thing we love. 

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30. That waterfall garden in Pioneer Square for eating lunch.
If you aren’t trying to drive to Snoqualmie Falls for a serene lunch, just a short walk down the street in Pioneer Square takes you to a secret waterfall in the middle of the city that makes a perfect backdrop for lunch if you want to get away during the middle of your day. Pop down to the corner of 2nd and Main to see it for yourself.

29. Tacos Chukis
It’s the best taco in Seattle. This is not debatable. The original spot on Broadway was a hard-to-find hole in the wall, but the secret’s out now and you can find their second location in South Lake Union a lot easier.

Photo by Alyssa

28. Seattle invented...
Some of the best things about Seattle are the things we give to the world. Starbucks, Amazon, REI, Microsoft, Costco (thanks, Issaquah), Filson, SubPop, Nordstrom, Boeing and Eddie Bauer are just a few of the gifts our city has given the world.

Photo by Robert Hanashiro | USA Today

27. Hiking Paradise
In Seattle, you’re just a short drive from getting out to the woods and mountains whichever direction you decide to go. The North Cascades offer excellent alpine trails, while Mt. Rainier beckons you to try and summit.

26. No one does coffee like Seattle
We are coffee snobs here, and for good reason. Yes, the first Starbucks to ever open was born here, but that's not the only good place to get a good brew. There are so many cafes and coffee stands around, that you are guaranteed to find that perfect cup.

25. Our Fans
Seattle sports fans are EXTRA. Sunday 12th man turnout for the Seahawks shuts down Seattle bars, the supporters from ECS who lead march to the match for Sounders FC prove time after time who the best in MLS (and maybe North America) are, Mariners fans have sustained 16 years of awfulness (Ichiro deserved better), but when the team gets hot, they're right back out in the stands. The Seattle Reign draw nearly 5,000 to each match and The Supersonics have been gone for nearly 10 years and the fans are still  vocal trying to get them back. Even the Storm set WNBA record sales for merchandise in 2016. Seattle fans go hard.

Photo by Troy Wayrynen | USA Today Sports

24-21. Our Teams
In no particular order, the teams of Seattle are what drives those fans to show all that passion. With eight league titles between six teams including the Sonics (and most of those within the last 10 years), the PNW is a powerhouse to be reckoned with. Shoutouts to Sounders, Seahawks, Mariners, Storm, Reign, and yeah, even the Sonics. Go get more trophies.

Photo by Joe Nicholson | USA Today Sports

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