50 Things To Love About Seattle (50-41)

April 25, 2017

Seattle is great, and if you already live here, you already know that. 

Sure, the business and tech boom might be making you second-guess the city's greatness from time-to-time, the music, culture, people, and location just make you fall right back in love. What exactly is it that makes us love Seattle so much, though? 

We're counting down the 50 things that make our city special, starting with 50, all the way down to the number one thing we love. 

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50. It's OK to dress casual literally anywhere
There's no need to dress to impress when you enter the rainy Northwest. A flannel and some jeans is dressed up. Hell, as long as you have a collar on your denim jacket and you leave the socks and sandals for the weekend, leave the suit and tie at home.

49. Neighborhood gardens
To talk about sustainability is one thing, but to walk through Seattle’s urban sprawl and see community gardens popping up in empty lots, you can tell Seattleites are serious about going green. There are more than 88 gardens across the city!

48. Mariner Moose

Sure it would make more sense to have a giant cartoon ship captain running through Safeco Field, but we love the Mariner’s mascot for helping kids fall in love with America’s pastime for one reason or another.

Photo by Steve Dykes | Courtesy of USA Today

47. Magnuson Dog Park - that thing has a beach!
You know those two weeks every summer where you can't be inside because you just become a puddle on your otherwise lovely couch? This is the time to grab your doggo and make the trek past UW to Magnuson Dog Park. It's not just a little dog area next to a big dog area. It's got nearly a zillion acres worth of roam-able path that ends in a dog beach! The number one way to tire ol' Chowder out: a swim to steal a big dog's tennis ball. - Gregr

Photo by Alyssa

46. The Ferries
We fell in love with Ferry boats long before McDreamy. Being able to take a ride over to Bainbridge Island in the Summer is total bliss. It’s a great opportunity to slow down and enjoy the Puget Sound while commuting. There’s nothing like it. 


45. Phoenix Jones
Every city needs a hero, and ours is Phoenix Jones. It’s hard to miss his black and gold armor as the amateur MMA fighter patrols the streets of the U-District helping stop crimes and alert the police of danger. It’s pretty great Seattle gets its own “Kickass,” as long as nobody gets rocket-launched out a window.

Thirty min warning till comicbook men. I'm pumped but also nervous redbank was not exactly filled with crime.

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44. The Burke-Gilman
The Burke-Gilman runs all the way from Ballard to nearly Bothell where it changes names and you can ride all the way to Marymoor Park. It’s a perfect route for a run along the shore or a leisurely spin on the bike when the weather gets nice.

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43. Big Mario’s late night
You’ve had two too many beers, because Friday. And now you have 10 minutes to wait for your ride to show up to take you out of the madness that is Capitol Hill. That’s juuuust enough time to grab a slice or two from the best pizza parlor in Seattle, Big Mario’s!

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42. Field turf fields
Field turf gets a pretty bad rap, but living in Seattle means rain, and if all our fields were grass-only, it would limit our sports shenanigans to the few sunny days we have, or all our local pubs would be a muddy mess after our games. An abundance of turf fields across the city means we can play anytime and we never have to drive too far to get there.

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41. Molly Moons
There’s plenty of ice cream in this town, but Molly Moons takes the cake…er…ice cream? On top of their awesome homemade ice cream and cones that they source the ingredients for locally, they also treat their employees awesome and rotate in unique flavors you can’t find anywhere else in Seattle like Maple Walnut, plus they started their own record label!

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