6 Degrees of Temple of the Dog

November 14, 2016

Six degrees of separation is the idea that everything can be connected in 6 steps or less.  In anticipation of their HUGE shows coming up this weekend, let's see who we can connect to Temple of the Dog

Mother Love Bone- Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thornes. This list HAS to begin here.  Before Pearl Jam was Mookie Blaylock. Before Mookie Blaylock was a mixtape Stone and Jeff made that fatefully ended up in Eddie Vedder's hands. Before all of that, there was Mother Love Bone.  MLB was fronted by Andrew Wood, the biggest star that sadly never was. As the story goes, Wood tragically passed away right before the release of their debut album.  It rocked the Seattle music scene and Temple of the Dog was formed as a tribute to Andy, consisting of Jeff and Stone from MLB, Chris Cornell (Wood's former roommate) and Matt Cameron of Soundgarden, Mike McCready and some dude from San Diego named Eddie.

Mad Season- River of Deceit.  If Temple of the Dog is the ultimate Seattle super group, Mad Season has to be a close second. Mike McCready provided lead guitar for both! The band was derailed by drug use and the death of 2 members but left us with a killer album featuring this song.

Brad- 20th Cenury. Music can take you anywhere, and thanks to Stone Gossard's contributions to this list we get a little funky with his band Brad.  Brad also had members of Pigeonhead in it, who appeared with Lo Fidelity All-Stars for their song "Battleflag."  Also, Kim Thayil did a lot of guitar work for Pigeonhead. Thayil was also in Soundgarden with Matt Cameron, who is in Temple of the Dog. Meta.

Soundgarden- Rusty Cage. Growing up in Wisconsin, I had heard of Nirvana and Pearl Jam, but it wasn't until an episode of Beavis and Butthead that I was introduced to Soundgarden and Rusty Cage. Chris and Matt were in MLB, but Chris was also Andrew Wood's former roommate, and the one who came up with the idea of making a Temple of the Dog album after writing Reach Down and Say Hello 2 Heaven. 

Pearl Jam- Alive.  After the passing of Wood, Stone and Jeff were left without a band. Joining up with Mike McCready, they guys began writing songs and recording a demo.  That demo made it to Jack Irons, who gave it to Eddie Vedder.  Vedder wrote some lyrics, flew to Seattle to audition for Mookie Blaylock, and ended up singing backup for Temple of the Dog. Alive, was one of the songs on that demo. 

Temple of the Dog- Say Hello 2 Heaven.   The song that started the entire project.  This was recorded at PJ20 in 2011.  Funny story, I was there and sat next to Derek Waters.  He's the dude who hosts Drunk History, which is an awesome show on Comedy Central.  Will Ferrell was on an episode of that, which means you can connect me to Ron Burgundy in just 2 steps! SEE? EVERYONE IS CONNECTED!!



Bill Murray.  Ok, watch this........1. Mike McCready was in Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam and also Mad Season.  Mad Season was a little bit Pearl Jam, a little bit Alice In Chains, and a little bit Screaming Trees.  2. Mark Lanegan was the front man for Screaming Trees. He also provided backup for Queens of the Stone Age.  3.  Josh Homme is in QOTSA, and also Them Crooked Vultures with Dave Grohl. 4. Dave Grohl recorded an epsidode of Sonic Highways here in Seattle at Robert Lang Studios, which is also where Death Cab For Cutie recorded. 5. Their lead singer, Ben Gibbard was also in the Postal Service with Jenny Lewis. 6. And Jenny Lewis.......is Bill Murray's girlfriend!