AFI @ Showbox at the Market 11.01.03

November 2, 2013

Showbox at the Market was sold out and some for AFI on November 1.  The excitement level of the crowd was extreme.  I spoke with one fan in the front row that had traveled from New Zealand to follow the band on their tour. 

Singer Davey Havok started the show by jumping sky high from the drum kit and landing in an explosion of intensity.  The next three songs I found myself racing back and forth across the photo pit dodging flying feet from frenzied fans being pulled feverishly over the barricade while trying to keep up with the tempo of the show.  It wasn't just Davey showing 'a fire inside.'  Bassist Hunter Burgan, guitarist Jade Puget and drummer Adam Carson kept their instruments fully accelerated and showed no sign of slowing.  Below are some pics of this fierce performance.

Mat Hayward
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