Alex Clare @ Showbox Market 04.29.13

April 30, 2013
Alex Clare performed in front of a sold out Showbox at the Market Monday night.  The last time I saw him was during Summer End Camp last year where he was phenomenal on the big stage. 
N ot long before the show at Showbox while the Knocks were on stage I was sitting in the lobby engrossed in a book (The girl who kicked the hornet's the series, it's awesome).  I looked up after a blur of motion caught my attention and saw Alex Clare explaining to the security guard who he was in an attempt to get inside.  Apparently he had forgotten his pass.  Myself and another security guard backed up Alex Clare's claim that he was in fact Alex Clare and in he went fast as lightning.  I could see his hat bobbing and weaving through the crowd until he made it to the backstage area.  An hour later, there he was again making the rounds through the crowd with his contagious smile and abundant energy.  He was playing with the fans, joking and seemingly having a great time.  Less than 10 minutes later he was on stage and Alex Clare the performer took over.  Out in the crowd he seems like such an unassuming, mild mannered guy.  On stage he is an animal!  I only was allowed to shoot the first 3 songs so I couldn't tell you about the entire show.  I can say that during the first three his voice was strong and his stage presence was larger than life.  At times he looked almost possessed as though he was screaming in rage at the fans directly in front of him.  Half a second later he had a beaming smile and a twinkle in his eye.  No matter what the expression the consistent vibe I picked up was authenticity.  He is a strong performer and his talent is abundant.  I'm looking forward to his next visit to Seattle, next time I will leave the camera at home and go to simply watch and listen.