Allen Stone @ Paramount Theatre 04.18.15

April 19, 2015

Mark May 26 on your calendar right now! That is the day the new Allen Stone record Radius will be available and it is going to be awesome! Saturday night was the 5th night in a row Al len Stone stepped on a Seattle stage. The Paramount Theatre was the finale stop of the 5 night Evolution Of An Artist concert series and it was an absolute blast to shoot. Easily one of the best concerts of the year that I have seen. Allen and the band were on fire from start to finish. At one point in the night he said he didn't care how anyone looked, what mattered was that he and the band were making everyone in the packed room feel good. Wow were they! Allen Stone has an infectious attitude that demands people at his concerts have a good time.I wasn't immune to the vibe. I found myself dancing in the photo pit and for those of you that have seen me dance you know that can be a hilarious and scary event in itself. I honestly couldn't help myself. An Allen Stone concert is something you simply cannot sit still through.

It's not just on stage that he makes people smile. I had the privilege to snap a few photos before the show during a pre-party across the street. The moment Allen hit the room the place lit up. It's one of my biggest pet-peaves as an entertainment photographer to encounter celebrities that buy into their own BS. Allen Stone clearly does not fall into that category.  He was as authentic a person I've come across with his friends and fans as I've encountered in a very long time. He went out of his way to thank people for coming individually including the staff creating the food and throwing the party. On stage he went out of his way to thank his team individually from the person running the lights (who did an amazing job by the way) to the people making sure his pants were on straight. It's a rare thing to see this humble gratitude and I for one found his attitude and his performance to be uninhibited, inspiring and very refreshing.

Allen is going to be the next big star to come out of the Northwest and I for one couldn't be happier about it! Buy his record May 26!

Mat Hayward
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Pics are below, check out the video I grabbed of him covering the Gotye hit song "Somebody I used to know"