alt-J EndSession and @ Paramount Theater 10.15.14

October 17, 2014

I'm trying to remember if there was ever an EndSession at a more picturesque location than the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum but I'm drawing a blank.  It was simply beautiful.  Paired with the haunting music of alt-J I felt like I was transferred to an alternate universe for an hour on Wednesday afternoon. 

Later that night alt-J with a new bass player took the stage in front of a sold out Paramount Theater.  While the band was kept in the dark for the better part of the 3 songs I photographed the light show was pretty intense and the sound was great.  alt-J is not a band doing high leg kicks and running back and forth across the stage.  It's all about the sound and clearly the fans were digging it.  

On my way out after shooting the 3 songs I can honestly say I've never seen a more frenzied, desperate panic in the eyes of fans stuck without a ticket.  Normally there are a half dozen scalpers on the sidewalk.  By the time I left there were no tickets to be found.  A woman gripped my arm with such ferocity I thought she was in imminent danger and my protective instincts kicked in as I quickly looked around ready for anything.  Nope...not so much I realized as she said "PLLLLEEEEAZZZZZZE Can I have your ticket!"  When I told her it was already gone, the crestfallen look that came over her face was heartbreaking.

Last year alt-J played the Neptune Theater, this week it was this rate I wouldn't be surprised to see them headlining at KeyArena next time they are in town.

-Mat Hayward
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