4 Bands We Wish to See Open for Foo Fighters in September

Weezer could be one of them!

February 2, 2018

Photo by Alyssa


The other day I was scrolling through Instagram per usual and I saw this photo Weezer posted:

Absurd amounts of rock. More rock than can be comprehended. @foofighters #karlscorner

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I started freaking out! My hero, Dave and Pat Smear having a jam sesh with Weezer!? The next few thoughts that entered my brain.. Ahhh! Was this just a random meet-up or are they working on music together? Hmmm.. The Grammys are over so it's not like they're rehearsing a performance.. omg. They're going to play a show together!

Naturally, I went and stalked both bands' social media pages to find out what was happening. I found out that Weezer had been opening shows for FF on their Australia/New Zealand tour dates! A huge band like Weezer kicking off shows for them, how rad! Then I started wondering.. WTH would open for them when they take over Safeco Field in September?! Who would you want to see take the stage before the almighty Foo? I asked the squad the same thing:

ManleyWhite Reaper- They are the world’s best American band, it says so right on their album cover!  Seriously though, these dudes rip and you should check them out. (Manley may be on to something as White Reaper played the Foo curated Cal Jam fest last year)

White Reaper - Judy French [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO>White Reaper - Judy French [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO>

Gregr - QOTSA because Dave coming out to hit the drums on "Song for the Dead" is something my puny mind can not handle.

BrandenFromTheInternet - Royal Blood. Those guys can tear and putting them on the Safeco stage with a ballpark PA system would be so dope. It would be an insane way to get you warmed up for Grohl and the gang to come out and play for what will probably be 19 hours straight.

Seeing any one of those bands go on before FF would be nothing short of amazing, but I wouldn't hate it if Them Crooked Vultures started off the night for us. I have always wanted to see John Paul Jones do his thing live!

Keeping fingers crossed for an epic opener, reach out on Twitter with a band/artist you'd love to see September 1st!

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