The 5 Best Dave Grohl Moments of 2017

No question Dave is the coolest guy in rock!

December 27, 2017

Photo by Alyssa


Some people are saying that 2017 was the worst. I'm not saying those people are wrong, but along with the bad and ugly came some good! 

Some of which came from the one and only, Dave Grohl. We know him as the frontman (and sometimes drummer) of the almighty Foo Fighters, but also the coolest guy in rock!

Dave is literally full of surprises. You never know when your inbox will be filled with a link to a free EP (Saint Cecilia) or when the band decides to drop new music. One minute you're scrolling through Twitter and then BAM- Dave drops a link to the Foo's brand new song! 

And it's not just with songs, by now you should expect the unexpected at a Foo Fighters concert:

1. Dave reunites with surviving members of Nirvana on stage
When's the last time you saw Dave and Krist Novoselic on the same stage performing together?! Exactly. Concertgoers in Eugene, Oregon got the surprise of a lifetime earlier this month when Krist came out and joined Dave with a performance of Big Me. Dave tells the crowd how he had this song back in the day that he thought was kind of cool. The guys had nothing to do while kicking it at Robert Lang Studios (in Shoreline) one day, so they decided to record it. I would have lost my ish if I witnessed this awesomeness live! AH!

 2. Foo Fighters live stream surprise set and tease new music
Earlier this year, on a random Friday in February Dave and the Foo Fighters, once again surprised us all with a free live stream concert! The guys had been off the road and hibernating for a good year and a half and we were starting to get anxious. What a way to come back from a foot injury and hiatus! They played at Cheese and Grain in Frome, UK for over two hours! It was also the first time we received teases from what would become Concrete and Gold. Needless to say, I didn't get ANY work done on this day. Relive the entire concert below!:

3. Dave gives his sneaker to an injured fan
That time when Dave gave a fan one of his sneakers.. Yeah, this story made my heart all warm and fuzzy. WHATEVER. Sabryn was just another Foo fanatic in Baltimore waiting for her meet and greet backstage. The only difference? She was on crutches. Dave saw this and sent his orthopedic doc (yes, he was touring with one after his incident) over to Sabryn. Dave overheard Sabryn telling the doc the reason she wasn't wearing a sneaker on her injured foot was because it wouldn't fit over her brace. Dave, knowing that wearing some sort of shoe over an injured foot helps it to heal properly, ran back to his dressing room to get an extra sneaker for Sabryn's foot.

THIS! Not only is Dave the coolest, but he may be the nicest dude in rock as well. I mean, who takes the time to help out a fan like this? He made Sabryn's night and c'mon.. life!

4. The first-ever Cal Jam Fest has the best lineup, fully curated by Dave
Dave gave us a new music festival! The first Cal Jam fest was curated by Dave and the Foo Fighters and was set in sunny California with Cage the Elephant, Queens Of The Stone Age, Royal Blood, Wolf Alice and more! In was the perfect time of year, too! Beginning of October- right before all the holiday madness and after the Summer concert rush. Perfect getaway weekend, if you ask me. It was such a success that the band will be bringing back Cal Jam fest in 2018!

All we know is the date, but I am positive the band will not disappoint with the lineup! We'll keep you posted :D

5. The Foos play holiday tunes on SNL
Dave in a holiday sweater on SNL was everything! Not to mention, the Everlong/Christmas medley the guys gave us. So festive! Great way to enter holiday break and end the year with my favorite band. I cannot wait to rock my face off with them at Safeco Field next year

Do you have a favorite Grohl moment from this year? Reach out to me on Twitter, Foo lovers!

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