5 Things to Expect during the Foo Fighters Show at Safeco Field This Weekend

The countdown is on!

August 27, 2018

Photo by Mat Hayward


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The Foo Fighters will be here on Saturday!! I am so freaking excited! Don't get me wrong, I had a killer time at the Pearl Jam show and hanging with you all throughout Summer Camp, but I've been waiting for this show since the guys announced it! The last time I saw my favorite band, Dave was shredding on guitar from the rock throne. It's been too long! Dave is my favorite human for a lot of reasons, but mainly because of how he treats the fans.

He gives us the opportunity to have these crazy, I never thought this could happen type experiences. Which leads me to one of the things I think we can expect this Saturday night at Safeco Field!:

1 - One lucky fan will most likely get pulled on stage with the band!

What song would you want to play/sing on with them?

2 - We may get to see a mini Nirvana reunion

In 2017, during a Foo show in Eugene, OR, Krist Novoselic joined Dave and the guys to play 'Big Me'

Krist Novoselic's new band, Giants In The Trees will be opening the show on Saturday, so I'm putting out the positive vibes for this now! Can you imagine seeing Dave, Krist and Pat in 2018, jamming together IN Seattle?! Yeah, it will blow our minds and I am so ready for it!

3 - New band tees and bobble heads!

The Foos have been releasing tees to tie in with the some of the baseball stadiums they've been taking over. Looking forward to seeing their Mariners spin on a shirt!


Oh, they also have bobble heads available! Hopefully we get to see the guys wearing Mariners jerseys on the next bobble head edition. Collect em all!

4 - Dave likes to bring his friends and family on stage

Our favorite bearded frontman loves to surprise the crowd with some special guests.

And some of those surprises may even share his DNA.. 


You never really know who will show up to support the almighty Foo Fighters... Eddie Vedder, are you reading this?!

5- Prepare to lose your voice

That's really it. I mean, we'll be screaming along with Dave all night, so don't plan on using your voice much on Sunday. Educated guess: Dave would probably recommend whiskey to help with that. \m/


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