Alt-J's New Album, Relaxer: Ranked

June 12, 2017

Photo by Mike Savoia

Yeah, that's right, I listened to alt-J's new album one time through and ranked all the songs from my most favorite to least. Now, you can hate on my ranking, it's all good! I may change my mind anyway after I listen to Relaxer in its entirety a second or third time, but for now, these are my initial thoughts:


1. Deadcrush is hands down my favorite song on this album. I knew it from the the second the vocals dropped in. I was feeling the beat from the start and it had me nodding my head the entire song. If you can't get down to this beat, then we can't be friends. JK, we probably can.. maybe. This song rules.

2. 3WW - This was my favorite track before I heard Deadcrush. I was in a bit of a trance watching them play this song at our Endsession

3. Hit Me Like That Snare - This song has a total 70's punk rock feel to it and it's a little odd, in the best way! I am also a fan of any song that allows me to yell the F bomb. Judge me.


4. In Cold Blood - This song (which starts off with the binary code for the letter 'S') is a solid track. Plain and simple. Hot beat, keeps it moving. Sidebar- the music video for it is strange and features Iggy Pop. Where did that come from? 

5. Adeline - Looking back at their last two studio albums, the band has kept a good balance of upbeat, danceable tracks mixed with super chill, down tempo songs. This album is no different and Adeline is perfect to throw on when you're decompressing after a long week. 

6. Pleader - The guys said this is the song they're most excited to play live, and you'll understand why at minute 2:20.

7. Last Year -  It's not that I dislike this song, it's just not the song I'll be going to when I want to get hype before an alt-J concert. I also enjoy the second half of this one more than the first. Props to Marika Hackman for the soothing female vocals.

8. House Of The Rising Sun - I love the original by the Animals, this semi-cover doesn't do it for me.

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