Interview: Longtime Foo Fighters Producer Talks Moving to Seattle and Recording Their Debut Album

Barrett Jones' resume includes some of your favorite Seattle bands!

July 11, 2019

Photo by Alyssa


Barrett Jones is a local producer/engineer and owner of Laundry Room Studio. I first met him last year at that free Death Cab show at the Paramount. And by "met him" I mean I yelled out for him as he was walking through the lobby, and then he was forced to say hi to a crazy fangirl, ha! He was the nicest, though and since then we've kept in touch over social media.

Barrett has worked with a ton of Seattle royalty over the years: Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Presidents of the United States, Pearl Jam and the Melvins to name a few. He's a longtime friend of Dave Grohl and pretty much recorded everything Dave did musically from the time Dave was fourteen up until the first Foo Fighters record.

We talked about the recording process of that album, how he came to Seattle from Virginia and our shared love for Billie Eilish. Listen to the full convo below!