Bastille Made Deck the Hall Ball Memorable For One Loyal Fan

Such a feel-good story!

December 17, 2018

Photo by Mike Savoia

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Deck The Hall Ball was last week and I'm still over here raving about it! WaMu Theater was a fantastic setting for our annual holiday show and every single band and artist that hit the stage that night blew me away, especially Bastille! I hadn't seen them live in concert since 2014 and they did not disappoint. I honestly can say that they had one of the best sets I've ever experienced! Dan vanishing from the stage and landing on the top floor in VIP moments later was the coolest! But before they even took the stage, Bastille was already making a lifelong memory for a true fan.

Friend of The End, Yvonne V. reached out to us over the weekend to share this genuine and truly awesome story and so I’ll let her tell it:

So I was able to meet Dan Smith of Bastille earlier this year when your radio station hosted him during an EndSession

Photo by Mat Hayward

I’m in the Army and he genuinely asked what that was like with Trump and everything. Not the light hearted conversation I expected. He introduces me to his manager (another nice dude) and he says if I ever need help securing tickets it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Cue me coming back to the area - I hadn’t known they would be playing at Deck The Hall Ball and I take the shot of DM-ing their manager and just asking nicely, and he hooks it up! Last minute tickets, me and a plus one. I RUSH over to WaMu where we made it just in time to catch Young The Giant's last song, but enough to catch Bastille’s full set.

It was probably one of the coolest things to ever happen in my life. I went from being bummed in the morning because I wasn’t going to see the show, to being told I have tickets twenty minutes before they took the stage. It just proved to me that they genuinely care about their fans because that’s dedication. And I’m working to pass on that type of good karma. 

 Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you because 107.7 The End gave me the chance to meet them in the first place. ----


Yvonne, a Specialist in the Army, now considers the PNW home. She has been stationed in Spokane and Snohomish for the last three years and is dutifully fulfilling her time serving our country. <3

Yvonne: A picture of me posting by some humvees like I'm in my own music video

When I asked her why she loves Bastille's music, she replied: I began being a fan of Bastille in 2014. Their music seemed to be more than just shots at getting on charts or selling. Their music is a perfect mix of interesting lyrics and fast beats. I admire how low-key depressing their songs are, but hidden behind poppy beats.

I dug deep into my archives for this one. First show I went to and it was small enough that Dan and Woody (drummer for Bastille) came out to talk to fans after the show. This is from 2014, their first tour of America.

It’s the season of giving and man did Bastille deliver. Taking the time to stop, to have a conversation and extend that type of kindness is what it should all be about.

It is a story like this that reminds me on how gestures, whether big or small, can really make someone’s day, month or year. Kindness is contagious and we can all keep this in mind going into the new year.

Thank you to Specialist V. for sharing her story. I hope everyone has a great and safe holiday! 

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