Best of 2016: Breakout Artist Of The Year - Bishop Briggs

December 20, 2016

Photo by Mat Hayward | Art by Branden Griffith


If you didn't know who Bishop Briggs was in the beginning of the year, chances are you know her pretty well by now. Bishop Briggs, (whose real name is Sarah McLaughlin) has dominated not only the alternative charts this year, but the airwaves as well.

Her song River exploded all over your radio and became one of the songs of the Summer.

"'River' is all about tension and release. It's about intimacy and solace. It’s about staring someone in the face and not backing down," Bishop said in an interview.

She wowed us with her unforgettable vocals at Summer Camp, no doubt. She makes you feel every single lyric like a dagger to the chest, with such pointed lyrics behind booming beats and powerful vocals, there's no dodging them.

Despite song after song trickling out throughout 2016 with no formal album to collect them all, Rolling Stone added her to their Artists You Need To Know list this year, a top honor for an artist who started producing her own music independently before she was recognized.

Other bands took notice, too. Coldplay had Bishop opening arena shows for them this year, and she kicked off shows for Kaleo as well. Remember that concert at Neptune a couple months back? Her voice beamed off the theater walls. It will go down as one of my favorite shows of the year. 

Photo by Alyssa

Bishop Briggs delivers an experience. She takes her fans to their own state of emotion during a live show and her stage presence completes the package. 

If you didn't jump on the Bishop hype train in 2016, don't worry. While she made quite the impression in the music biz this year, there is still more to look forward to from her before she takes the industry by storm. She's been wrting new material the entire time she has been on the road with her band and is planning on dropping a full length LP in 2017! Until then, check out the songs that made me a megafan. You won't be disappointed!

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