The Best Netflix Original Series of 2017

December 14, 2017

Photo by Dan MacMedan


I Netflix and chilled a lot this year (with my pup, Nix) but I definitely was not the only one. According to the year-end stats, the average Netflix member watched 60 movies this year. Binge watching has become a sport and I blame it on the original series that we received in 2017.

They did not disappoint! Let's start with Stranger Things 2 (Spoilers ahead)!

Stranger Things Season 2 - The anticipation for season 2 was REAL. Season 1 left us with Will puking up giant slugs in a bathroom while having a flashback to the Upside Down and us wondering what exactly happened to Eleven. This season we were introduced to those nightmarish demo-dogs, Mad Max, Billy the psycho and Bob! (RIP Bob) Some people in the office said this season moved too slow or was boring, I beg to differ. ST2 was packed with emotion, action, Farrah Fawcett hairspray, and slime. Not to mention a handful of throwback 80's film references. Oh, and let's not forget Eleven's new bad ass look:

13 Reasons Why - For starters, the music in this show is on point. I really enjoyed this series because of the sensitive topics it touches on. Depression. Suicide. These are things we shouldn't be afraid to talk about publicly. Bullying. It happens everyday.. at school, at work... and this series does not hold back. It focuses on Hannah Baker, a high schooler who, through a series of cassette tapes, detailed the reasons that led to her death. The season did so well in fact, that Katherine Langford (Hannah Baker) received a Golden Globe nomination. If you loved Season 1 as much as I did then get excited because Season 2 is coming in 2018. Katherine says we can expect a 'very different Hannah in Season 2'.

Below is an importanat message from Brandon Flynn (who plays Justin Foley) on bullying.

Mindhunter - BrandenFromTheInternet says "Mindhunter is one of those shows that you aren’t sure if it’s any good or not, but you definitely can’t stop watching. There’s parts where you know for sure it isn’t any good and the acting is bad, but the storyline and character development makes up for it for the most part. It makes simple things like FBI conducting interviews seem exciting and definitely will get you going on a Serial Killer Wikipedia rabbit hole once you’re finished. Season 2 is in the works and could take the whole thing on a new type of journey, so catch up on Season 1 while you get the chance."

Ozark -  For Jason Bateman fans, this was a dark departure from his comedic timing genius in Arrested Development and Horrible Bosses, but it was WORTH IT! He plays a financial planner and family man, Marty Byrde. He and his family relocate to a resort community that just happens to be the perfect setting for money laundering for a Mexican drug lord. How convenient! Until it isn’t. Marty finds himself doing unspeakable things to keep his family alive, but never truly ‘safe’. Ozark is an interesting twist on some of the best elements in Breaking Bad. Adrenaline runs high throughout this series as Marty starts trying to plot his escape from the grasp of the druglord controlling every dollar he’s hidden (and eventually, trying to hustle it away in an attempt to get his family to safety). A ton of crazy circumstances end up bringing the family closer together. And not just because witness protection is cheaper in bulk.

Orange Is the New Black - For Orange fans, this binge was completed within hours of its release. Bust out the Takis and Cheetos! The first episode, appropriately named ‘Riot FOMO’ pretty much described the whole season. Taystee proves to be the most focused character,(MVP!) seeking justice for Poussey drove her to step up to the powers that be at Litchfield and stand her ground. It seemed like a majority of the other inmates got distracted by the prospect of rioting in the name of snacks and other luxuries that strayed from the point – justice for Poussey. For Piper/Alex fans, their relationship seemed to fall a bit backburner to the overall agenda of the riot this season (kinda lame) but still interesting enough to keep us caught up in what’s next for them. We got to see well-planned revenge (by Frieda, who has one heck of an underground bunker and a poison recipe that took down Piscatella), betrayal (see also: Caputo’s girlfriend, Linda sneaking into a prison uniform to woo Boo over in an attempt to wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing her way to safety. Wrong move.) And now we’re really left to wonder what’s next. It seems like the writers will have to blow into the game and hit reset in order to get all our favorite remaining characters back on track, but I could be wrong. Taystee’s negotiations and persistence should get Danielle Brooks the awards she deserves and we’ll be ready with the popcorn and Takis for the start of Season 6 next June.


Which original series did you enjoy the most this year?

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