Bishop Briggs Came To The Studio To Request Her New Song 'Dream'

October 13, 2017

Photo by Alyssa


Thursday started out like any other day. I came to work, talked to you on the radio, <3  talked to you on the text stream about food, <3  became really hungry at 1:30pm, ate lunch, and was finishing out the rest of my show like normal. Then! Manley popped in around 2:30pm with a guest. That person happened to be Bishop Briggs. I repeat- BISHOP BRIGGS!! I was fangirling out so hard, she is one of my favorite artists and to see her randomly pop in the studio was just so awesome beyond words! It was the best surprise ever:

She came by to request her brand new song, Dream on the radio!

Oh hey @thatgirlbishop introducing her brand new song Dream! #ILikeMusicULikeMusic

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It was the best, and you all seemed to be into the song!

Bishop performed it live for the first time that evening at WaMu Theater when she opened for alt-J! The response was pretty cool:

You can listen to Dream in full below, and tweet me your thoughts!