Bishop Briggs Is Turning Heads On This New List

She's getting some well-deserved recognition from Rolling Stone and it rules!

October 25, 2016

Photo by Mat Hayward


We can feel cool because we have been jamming to Bishop Briggs since before Summer Camp, but now she's getting some big time attention! Rolling Stone listed her as one of their New Artists You Need to Know for October!

It's always awesome to see an artist like Bishop explode. She's known since she was a little kid that she wanted to perform and started writing her own songs at age seven. She impressed me at Summer Camp this year, like holy WOW! She brings her A-game and makes you feel every lyric of every song! 

I know I am not alone with that thought, either, which is why I plan on getting to the show early tonight! Bishop is opening for Kaleo at Neptune Theatre in a few hours and it's going to be lit! (Did I really just say lit?) 

If you're going to the sold out show tonight, feel free to share some of your photos and videos with us! You can tag us on Twitter:

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