Catching Up with Bishop Briggs on the Road via Twitter

November 2, 2017

Photo by Mat Hayward


If you haven't jumped on the Bishop Briggs train by now, TICK TOCK. Within the last two years she's played Seattle a bunch! (A sold out) Showbox, WaMu Theater, Neptune Theatre, The Fremont Abbey for an EndSession, and back-to-back Summer Camps!

Since catching her set at Summer Camp 2016, I have become a megafan and you already know I am in lerve with her new song, "Dream"!

.. So.. I kinda had to ask her what the song was about.

Bishop was nice enough to take some time out of her day to chat with me on Twitter and she explained that "Dream" is unlike anything she's ever released "This song means a lot to me," she said. "I feel it's different from my other music because it's probably the most direct I've ever been and there is a tiny bit of hope in this one." 

I told her how much I love the beginning of the chorus... I wanna wake up where your love is, 'cause your love is always waking mine.  <3

"That lyric was all about wanting to find and have a closeness with the light even if it's hard to come by." 

When I straight up asked her what the song is about she opened up and told me it's about a dream she had where she was screaming and no one could hear her. "Dreams are a reflection of your subconscious and it's my favorite thing to do..analyzing dreams for myself and those around me."

She said it made her realize she had to change some things around and it all started with writing this song, Dream and being honest.

We chatted a bit about her touring with Alt-J

"Tour has been a dream! No pun intended. Seeing a band that is as good as them every single night is completely inspiring." 

She's about to hit a stretch of dates with Bleachers with whom she said she would someday love to collaborate with. I brought up a couple songs that she has performed live but are not available for download. You know, that hot fire "Hallowed Ground" and "Hi Lo (Hollow)."

I am hopeful that they will appear on an upcoming EP or full-length album and when I asked BB about that, all I got was, "I have something brewing."

Hey, I'll take that for now. Bishop is always keeping busy with writing and recording while on the road, I don't think we'll be waiting too long to get a new bundle of music from her. Before we ended our convo, I had to ask her for a little bit of wisdom - If she could give a piece of advice to someone starting out, the kid who's relentlessly practicing guitar in their bedroom, what would she say to them? And man, did she pay it forward:

It is always a pleasure to talk with Bishop Briggs. Hope to see her back in Seattle in 2018! <3

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Bishop Briggs belts out "Wild Horses" in a historic Seattle Church