Music Is Life: Essential Death Cab for Cutie Tracks

February 25, 2020

Photo by Mat Hayward


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I have loved Death Cab for Cutie since I can remember. This band has helped me through my worst breakup, inspired me to grab hold of my career, (despite people telling me I wasn't ready to make moves) and to run with life! If my Myspace profile still existed, you'd hear "Soul Meets Body" all over that thing.

Since they're one of my all time favorite bands and taking over The Showbox for three nights this week, I made a list of DCFC tracks I cannot live without! *This is no particular order

1 - Title and Registration


2 - A Movie Script Ending


3 - Soul Meets Body


4 - You Are A Tourist


5 - Transatlanticism

 6 - Champagne From a Paper Cup

7 - The Ghosts of Beverly Drive


8 - Gold Rush

9 - I Will Possess Your Heart

10 - Your Heart Is An Empty Room

11 - We Laugh Indoors (but really every song on The Photo Album)

12 - Lowell, MA (I spent some formative years growing up near Lowell so this one holds a special place)

13 - The Sound of Settling

14 - President of What?

15 - Cath...

16 - I will Follow You Into The Dark

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