A Decade At The End With Cody

March 20, 2017

From Street Team, to becoming our new night jock, Cody has seen the good, the crazy and the awesome side of The End. Listen to his podcast below for some rare and rad stories!

"The year was 20X6 robots had taken over most public restrooms. The world needed a hero and I was getting in the way... so they sent me back in time to be a radio DJ... 

Or maybe I was born in Jersey, grew up on the Big Island of Hawaii, moved out here in 2005 and fell in love with everything about the PNW. 

The choice is yours." - Cody


Playing in the old Endaroke band at the Taco Truck challenge 2011. I had a mullet because I thought the world was ending....

With Michael Ian Black and my buddy Puna at bumbershoot 2007 or 2008 idk anymore. 

With Perry Ferrel at EndFest 16! 2007

DTHB 2010.. I think lol

Sasquatch circa I don't remember because RedHook sponsored our camp site...

ALL the beer. 

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