Staff Picks: Best Seattleite of 2018

January 2, 2019

We're grateful to call Seattle home, but we're not alone! Some really iconic people rep the 206 and while we all have some more obvious icons that have roots in Seattle (like Eddie Vedder or the late Paul Allen), we wanted to tap into some personal favorites. What Seattleite are you a fan of?


Manley: Detlef Schrempf always and forever. You should support his foundation here


Alyssa: Fremont Troll

Photo by Alyssa

Cody: ummm is sputnik still up there?? ..OH... Seattleite.... Rainbow Wizard Scarf guy... always! 

Steven: Adam Zacks for all the great years of the Sasquatch! Music Festival

Leslie: Anyone raising their voice to join the Save The Showbox movement. -- LINK to our blog

Photo by Misha Dumois

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