END RANKS: The Best Blink-182 Albums According to The End

Which album takes the top spot?

September 16, 2016

Photo courtesy of Interscope Records


Blink-182 will be taking over Key Arena Saturday night (Sept. 17, you can still buy tickets here), so I decided to rank the band's seven studio albums from best to worst.

This may get me a few hate tweets, but everyone has an opinion, so have at it! 

Love it or hate it? Here it is:

#1 - Take Off Your Pants and Jacket

Because this album lived in my CD walkman during my teenage years. Oh, nostalgia!

#2 - Chesire Cat

Because my love for Alice In Wonderland runs deep. Also- "Carousel" is one of my all time favorite songs by them. So, yeah.

#3 - Enema of the State

Umm... that album cover, though. But seriously, I bought this album mainly for  "Adam's Song." I will never change the radio when this song comes on.

#4 - Neighborhoods

I call this one the "forgotten Blink-182 album." It's a solid LP, but where was the hype?

#5 - Dude Ranch

The song titles on this album are the BEST. And let's be honest, "Dammit" is still in your music library. 

#6 - Blink-182 

You had me at "Feeling This" .... and then I got bored (insert eye roll emoji). Not even Robert Smith could save them here. Sorry, Blink.

#7 - California 

You may hate me for this one, but I have a love/hate relationship with Alkaline Trio and this album, as far as I'm concerned, IS an Alkaline Trio album. That is why it is my least favorite Blink album.


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