First Listen: Every Song on the New Foo Fighters Album Ranked

September 15, 2017

Photo by Mat Hayward

Just like you, I was anxiously waiting for this new Foo Fighters album to come. Especially after they dropped Run on us! Like, c'mon guys, you drop this amazing hard-hitting track on us and then make us wait for three more months for the rest?! It was torture. BUT- it's officially here and I finally got around to listening to the entire masterpiece start to finish and this is my first listen ranking list.

Every song from Alt-J's New Album, Relaxer, Ranked  

 Now, I may change my mind after I've had time to sit with it for a couple weeks, but these are my initial thoughts:

I'll start with my favorite track on the album - Song numbero diaz-

1. The Line - It's everything I want from a Foo song. I dig the lyrics, the song keeps moving, the pre-chorus is the best. It's my favorite.

2. Run - I've been rocking out to this song since the first day it dropped. It's epic. It features Dave screaming. It motivates me to work out. Freaking obsessed with it.

3. Dirty Water - This song sounds like it can be in the movie Across the Universe. I really enjoy Dave's softer side mixed with the rock scream in this one. Inara George is on backing vocals and if you watch Grey's Anatomy religiously, you've heard her music.

4. Make It Right - Fellow Foo fanatic, Andrew (@andrewje41 on Twitter) texted in to tell me this is his favorite song off the album. If you listen real close you can maybe, possibly hear Justin Timberlake on backing vocals. One thing you can definitely hear though, are those slick guitar riffs. \m/

5. Sunday Rain - This song is sexy! Has a 70's Classic Rock feel. (A la Steve Miller Band's Fly Like An Eagle) With Taylor Hawkins on lead vocals and Paul McCartney on drums, how could this not be in my top 5?

6. The Sky Is A Neighborhood - Love the way this song was produced. It makes me think of the beginning of Led Zeppelin's Ocean. You'll be slow nodding your head to this one.

7. La Dee Da - I love this song and Arrows pretty equally, but one has to be higher on the list. I'll go with this one because this is a solid rock song with a little funk. 

8. Arrows - This one is like going home. It really has that true Foo sound we love at the core of all their greatest tracks. 

9. Happy Ever After (Zero Hour) - This one is a little too mellow. I'll give it a chance to grow on me, but it's a bit more melodic than what I crave from them.

10. T-Shirt - I only have this song this far down on the list because of its length, but I think it's a solid start to the Foo's ninth studio album.

11. Concrete and Gold - Foo Fighters meets Pink Floyd. Give this song a chance, it blows UP.

Manley and I talk music a lot in our little office nook, because, DUH. We live and breathe music. So naturally I asked him what he thought of the album as a whole:

"Not sure how I feel about the album as a whole yet, but I have already added The Line to all of my playlists and can't wait to listen to it 10000 zillion hundred times this weekend while eating fish toast at Analog Coffee. Seriously it sounds weird but that toast is official, they put dill and....wait...this is a Foo Fighters blog not a food one. Sorry. That's my bad. Carry on." 

Well, there it is. How would you rank Concrete and Gold? What's your favorite song on it? Hit the Twitter links below to reach out and discuss!

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