You Can Now Decorate Your Home With Funko's The Office Christmas Figurines

or buy them for the Funko Pop lover in your life!

October 29, 2019

Photo by Alyssa


As our pal Gregr once said: Funko HQ in Everett is a wonderful local treasure. He's not wrong! I finally popped into the magical store over the Summer and walked away with some new deskmates!

Gah -- I could have spent a ton of -- at @originalfunko! Walked away with a few new desk friends, though. - Alyssa

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I could have spent a ton of money at Funko that day on all their Game of Thrones, Friends and The Office characters, but I'm glad I saved some for their latest additions! Move over dusty books on the shelf and make room for Christmas Party Office friends!


You can now own Dwight K. Schrute dressed in his Elf and/or Belsnickel costumes, as well as Michael in his “classy Santa” outfit! Treat yourself or The Office fan in your life, buy them here!

The Office - Christmas Party (Episode Highlight)The Office - Christmas Party (Episode Highlight)  

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