Gerard Way Releases New Solo Song Featured in 'The Umbrella Academy' Trailer

July 8, 2020
Gerard Way

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Since concerts have been postponed or cancelled since the beginning of March due to COVID-19, it came as no surprise when My Chemical Romance announced the postponement of their Fall Tacoma Dome show to 10/03/2021.

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It's still a bummer but to take our minds off the wait, know that frontman Gerard Way released a new solo song! It's featured in the new trailer for Season 2 of Netflix's The Umbrella Academy; a superhero show based on the comic book series written by Way. 

The solo tune titled, "Here Comes the End" features Judith Hill and is channeling that Rolling Stones energy! If you dig the Stones' "Jumpin' Jack Flash" then you'll love this!
Listen below and get pumped for the new season of The Umbrella Academy hitting Netflix July 31st!

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