Holiday Shopping For Friends On A Budget

November 18, 2019

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It's the most wonderful time of the year!... or something. The holiday season is upon us and to be honest, I stress out every year worrying about what gifts to get my family. Mostly because I have a big fam and I am not a millionaire, ha. The holidays shouldn't make us go broke, especially because that's not what this season is about. Gifts are great to give and receive, yes, but it really is the thought that counts, not how much you spend! Seriously. And some of us are shopping for friends, coworkers and random Secret Santa gifts as well. That can get pricey! 

That being said, I went searching for some fun, inexpensive gifts that shows your best bud or your coworker that you thought of them this holiday season and won't make you break the bank.

1 - Flamin' Hot chips snack pack available at Costco for ten bucks!

Coming in HOT -- flaming hot favorites $9.99 tag the flaming hot fans! #costco #costcodoesitagain #flaminghotcheetos

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2 - Fun ornaments to hang on the tree!

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3 - Vinyl - Buying your homie a vinyl they don't have is always a great gift, especially with these Black Friday Record Store Day exclusives coming our way!

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4 - Funko Pop figurines - You can't go wrong with these little deskmates. Seems like Funko is dropping a new line of characters each week, too!

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5 - Picture frame - When in doubt, go for the sentimental gift. A photo of you and your bestie or your bestie and their dog in a frame = priceless :)

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6 - Pound of coffee - If there's one thing we have here in Washington, it's an abundance of delicious coffee. Plus, you can enjoy the process of smelling for the perfect roast to buy!

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7 - Wine - another thing Washington does very well. You could always wrap up a few nice tiny bottles of spirits in a gift bag, too. 

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8 - Socks - Warm, cozy, and fun. Socks are a great gift because they're a necessity, but you can also have fun and personalize them! So many options today:

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9 - Batch of homemade cookies - show off your kitchen skills and bake a batch of your favorite holiday cookes with love, to share!

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