How To Be A Pro Tourist in Seattle

I played tourist with my brother this weekend and it was the best!

April 26, 2018

Photo by Alyssa

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My younger brother had never been to Seattle before this weekend. He lives in Boston, and I'm pretty sure getting away from the cold and snow played a big part in his decision to come visit. It's like the weather gods knew he was coming and wanted to show off by giving him the most beautiful weekend ever.

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We had a total blast exploring the city together and I have to admit, I make a pretty dang good tour guide! ;) 

Summer is right around the corner and if you have a relative or friends coming to visit, tell them these are some of the 'Seattle musts' during their trip:

1) Go to the Starbucks with the best view 

Photo by Alyssa's Brother

The Columbia Tower Starbucks (40th floor) has a fantastic view of the mountains! You can soak it all in while enjoying a cup O'Joe.

2) Treat yourself to that city skyline
Photo by Alyssa

Kerry Park (located in the Queen Anne neighborhood) has an amazing view that encompasses downtown Seattle, Elliott Bay, the West Seattle peninsula, Bainbridge Island, and Mount Rainier.

3) Walk along Alki Beach
Photo by Alyssa

Because, the beach! Also, the view of the city from the west side is pretty spectacular.

4) Grab a snack!

Photo by Alyssa

Top Pot Doughnuts are hands down the best doughnuts you will ever eat. Trust!

5) Get a drink at a really old bar
Photo by Alyssa

The former lobby of the 1890 Diller Hotel, the Diller Room is a great spot in downtown Seattle to grab a cocktail! 

6) Walk through Pike Place Market
Photo by Alyssa

Photo by Alyssa

Pike Place Market is one of the oldest public farmers' markets in the country, and there is SO much to see (and eat!) while walking through it. If you've ever heard someone say: "Go to the place where they throw the fish!" This is that place. You could spend an entire afternoon walking and eating your way through PPM and you should! I highly recommend Beecher's.

7) Check out THE Gum Wall

Photo by Alyssa

You haven't done Seattle until you've walked through Post Alley (under the market) and taken a selfie in front of the gum wall. Just watch your back.. it can get sticky down there!

8) Drink local coffee
Right next to the gum wall is Ghost Alley Espresso. Do yourself a favor and go try some! It's a cute, mini shop that offers artisanal espresso drinks from Northwest roasters. I'd post a photo of the Ghost Alley Blend that I bought, but I drank it all. #SorryNotsorry

9) Enjoy a nice seafood Dinner
Photo by Alyssa

Etta's is a Tom Douglas restaurant and is a fantastic spot near the Market with tall glass windows so you still feel like you're part of the city bustle. They serve Dungeness crab cakes and that's all you need to know! Oh, and start with the steamed mussels. Really, you can order anything off of Etta's menu and your tastebuds will be satisfied.

10) Visit the Troll
Photo by Alyssa

The Fremont Troll is an 18 ft. tall stone sculpture located in.. you guessed it! The Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. It lives under the Aurora Avenue bridge and people love taking photos with the Troll! Just don't pick his nose, I heard he doesn't like that. 

11) Go to at least one of the many stellar parks in Seattle
Photo by Alyssa

Golden Gardens Park 
is located in the Ballard neighborhood and comes equipped with amazing mountain views, hiking trails, beaches, a dog park, playground areas and you can BBQ it on the grills supplied! On a sunny day, find a frisbee and kill a couple hours here. 

Photo by Alyssa

Volunteer Park is one of my favorite parks in Seattle. Located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, it's a 48 acre park that you can spend an afternoon in, walking around enjoying the scenery (that includes all the adorable dogs!) You can sit near the Black Sun Sculpture, that some believe was the inspiration for Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun". You'll get a killer view of the Space Needle, it's the best.

Photo by Alyssa

Photo by Alyssa

Olympic Sculpture Park is operated by the Seattle Art Museum and consists of a 9 acre outdoor sculpture museum and beach. You can enjoy a picnic on the grass, rent one of the many Seattle city bikes and ride all around the park, or sit by the water and enjoy a beach day! The views will take your breath away!


12) Drink local beer!

Photo by Alyssa

You won't be able to try all the local beer Seattle has to offer in just one weekend- there are SO many breweries in this city! We spent an afternoon at Cloudburst Brewing because I am a big fan of their Passion Fruit Hibuscus Saison. They have fantastic IPA's on tap as well, my brother's weird facial expression is proof! Dogs are allowed at Cloudburst which is a total plus! 

13) Eat a bag of Dick's
Photo by Alyssa

Dick's Drive-In (Dick's) 
has been around since 1954 and is a Seattle fast-food staple. Late night munchies? Dick's is the place to go! Order the deluxe with a strawberry shake and thank me later.

14) Go to the top of the Space Needle

Photo by Alyssa

A Seattle icon, a main landmark of the PNW.. you kind of have to, once!

There is so much to do in this beautiful city! Next time an out-of-towner comes to visit, you have to do at least one, if not all of these things! 

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