Appreciation Post: Inker Prints in Georgetown

Get to know the creative brain behind this awesome local business!

March 3, 2020
Keith printing shirts at Inker Prints

Photo by Sunny Martini


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Inker Prints
210 S Mead Street Seattle, WA
Owned and operated by Keith Edwards

It's always important to shop local and support small businesses, especially now in an Amazonian world, which is why I wanted to highlight a great thriving design and print shop located in the heart of Georgetown! Keith Edwards, originally from Buckley, WA is the owner, manager, designer and beyond at Inker Prints. He's a one-man machine making several dozen clients happy one print batch at a time.

Joy Formidable tee that was sold at T-Mobile Park when they opened for the Foo Fighters (2018)

Joy Formidable tee

I asked Keith what made him want to spearhead a printing business and he told me he's loved art since he was little. He remembers getting his first computer and designing his own projects and landed his first print job in his teens. Keith certaintly mastered his craft since then (he's been happily printing for 24 years) and opened Inker Prints in the beautiful and industrial Georgetown neighborhood in 2017.

Kaleo poster made for their Showbox show (2017)

Kaleo poster The Showbox

Keith's average day starts at 6am down at the shop. Coffee is first on the list then he tends to emails and jumps right into printing/designing. His day typically ends at 4pm and it's nonstop all day. He told me one time he had a late request and was able to turn around 950 shirts in under three days. By himself. My arms proabably would have fallen off by that point!

Keith has been asked to take on projects such as posters for Capitol Hill Block Party and custom shirts and gig posters for Seattle businesses!:

Inker Prints

Had a lot of fun designing and printing this "bootleg" Rolling Stones shirt for @screwdriver_bar . Seems like everyone loved them too, they sold out QUICK.

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Keith makes his own hours, runs things how he wants to and that was important to him when starting his own business. He loves the creative freedom and relying only on himself to take care of his clients. Customer service is key with Keith.

Hot off the press @thelmaandthesleaze Lamborghini shirts! Click on the link in their bio to pick one up online before they are gone forever! #bandteetuesday

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I asked Keith what he loves most about his job and passion and he commented that he loves seeing his clients get excited about the finished product and getting to make something tangible for someone that started as a vision.

Today has been an all band shirt Tuesday! Always try to pick up merch from your favorite artists, it helps them keep doing what you love hearing.

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You may have had the pleasure of meeting Keith when our station took over his shop for a shirt design party with Judah & the Lion!

Inker Prints
Photo by Sunny Martini

Inker Prints
Photo by Sunny Martini

The coolest story Keith shared with me was about the time he made Jim Gaffigan a custom Hot Pocket trophy. Oh yeah, you read correctly! He was asked to design a hot pocket Seattle themed trophy to give to Jim Gaffigan after he sold out three nights at the Paramount. Pic or it didn't happen? OK.

Inker Prints

The next time you need/want something printed or designed, think of Keith and Inker Prints! You'll love the product and will be supporting a small local business, it's a win-win!
You can contact Inker Prints through Facebook and Instagram!

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