It Got Real Basic In The Studio With The New Fall Flavored Oreos

and I was totally OK with it!

September 12, 2017

Photo by Alyssa


I know we technically still have 10 days left of Summer, but it's been feeling pretty fall-like around Seattle lately.

Starbucks started serving their Pumpkin Spice Lattes, the temperature has been hovering around 60 in the mornings and Steelhead Diner had Night Owl Pumpkin Ale on tap last weekend.

Fall is here, whether you like it or not! There will always be haters around this time of the year, like BrandenFromTheInternet, who hates everything Pumpkin flavored, but that just means more for the rest of us. So, whatever Branden!

To be honest, it wasn't the PSL I was looking forward to most, but the new Oreo flavor that was announced several weeks back!

I love pumpkin don't get me wrong, but when it comes to pies, apple is my ultimate favorite. So of course when I saw that they wanted to take one of the world's best cookies and make it taste like an apple pie, I HAD to try them. And to make things intersting, I grabbed a package of the Pumpkin Spice oreos for a friendly battle. So which fall-flavored Oreo tastes the best? We did the dirty work for you below:

I have to say, I was very disappointed in the way the apple pie oreos taste. I wanted to like them SO badly, but they did not do my beloved apple pie justice. They taste like a sour green apple Airhead and that is NOT ok.

Sorry, I'm still a bit bummed out.

Final result: Pumpkin Spice Oreo for the win (even though there was no spice kick to it at all) Have you tried them? Which do you like best? Reach out on Twitter, foodies:

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