It's Never Too Early to Pregame for Sip And Slide

These slider recipes will make your taste buds happy!

March 6, 2018

Photo by Alyssa


If you don't like burgers then we can't be friends and you will not like this blog... Joking! Sort of.

Burgers are life and we're stoked that Sip And Slide (our new sliders and beer event) is one month away! And yes, there will be other options besides mini burgers. Think pulled pork sliders.. or maybe shredded chicken pesto sliders? Oh! Buffalo chicken sliders with crumbled blue cheese.. yumm. Man, now I'm hungry again!

Good thing Sip and Slide is right around the corner. It's happening April 7 At Fremont Foundry and to prepare for this delicious event, I've hunted and gathered some of the yummiest slider recipes out there. We should really test them out and compare notes at Sip and Slide!

I know, it's a rough assingment, but I think you can handle it ;) Get the full recipes here and go forth and make your mouth happy! Oh, and don't forget to get your tickets to Sip and Slide at! Let's hang and eat and talk music in a month, yeah? Yeah!

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