K.Flay is Coming to Seattle in April For A Good Cause

March 19, 2019
K.Flay performs during the Undertow Music Festival at the Pompano Beach Amphitheater

Ron Elkman

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I came into work today extra hyped because I knew K.Flay was going to be calling with some exciting news! The last time I talked to K.Flay (who goes by Kristine Flaherty off stage) was while holding puppies backstage at Summer Camp two years ago. Today she called in to inform us of the very intimate show she has planned for April 17th at Columbia City Theater!

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This exclusive show benefits Lambert House and y'all sold out this show in one day!

K.Flay also opened up about why she loves Seattle, the inspiration behind her new song, "Bad Vibes" and being neighbors with a famous Seattle musician. Listen to the full interview below!:

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